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You may have heard of Hygge and Lagom but have you heard of the new Scottish lifestyle movement Coorie?

Here in Argyll we are perfectly geared up for a Coorie life, with plenty of places to take a dip and go wild swimming, nearby munros to bag and stunning scenery for an outdoor adventure, so it is no wonder that our sales assistant Rachel has recently been a little inspired by Gabriella Bennett’s book The Art of Coorie.

So What is Coorie?

COORIE / ku:ri / >

noun [mass noun]

  1. The Scottish art of deriving comfort, wellbeing and energy from wild landscapes and convival interiors.
  2. “A hug of a word.”

INFORMAL an affectionate nestle into a loved one

SEE ALSO the old Gaelic còsagach “snug or cosy”

While a lot of the Coorie movement is focused on appreciating and exploring the outdoors, we don’t think many of you would thank us for plugging our enamelware (ideal for some Coorie camping) while it’s blowing a hoolie outside and we’re wrestling sandbags in front of our door for fear of flooding, so instead we thought we’d provide you with a little Coorie interior inspiration.

Coorie interiors are cosy and inviting. They’re places that bring comfort and happiness, that you want to spend time in and are an ideal place to snuggle up and get cosy after a day galavanting about the country. So why not make your home uniquely coorie with a Scottish panache and bring the beauty of the outdoors in?



A statement Highland Stoneware dish is an ideal way to bring the wild Scottish landscapes into your home. These handmade pieces are sculpted and individually hand painted in the North-West Highlands of Scotland and many of their bowls, dishes and mugs depict colourful landscapes, seascapes and a new wintery snowscape design. As these items are individually created no two pieces are the same and some pieces are designed not only to have a functional purpose but as pieces of art that can also be hung on the wall.

Contemporary Scottish landscape artist, Cath Waters creates digital collages inspired by Scottish landscapes. Her process begins with a photo of a landscape that she then digitally blends on a computer with sections of other photographs to add texture, colour and depth. Why not introduce her artwork to your home on some tablemats and coasters or a comforting, colourful cushion?

Handmade in Inverness from vintage oak whisky barrels, Darach pieces epitomise, in our eyes, the idea of a coorie interior. Each piece is a blend of tradition, nature, beauty and fine craftsmanship. The makers of these functional oak products try to maintain the natural character of the wood and include the natural scars, fissures and other rustic features of the original barrels in their designs, meaning each piece is one of a kind.

Argyll appreciation adventures

If you want to really embrace the coorie lifestyle and get out there and soak up the stunning Scottish scenery, here are some of our top (free) Argyll appreciation adventures:

Dander up Dun na Cuaiche.

Start off at the Inveraray Castle grounds, wander through the woods and wind your way up the relatively steep track to the top of the hill. It’s about a three-mile ascent but it is well worth the view. Reaching the viewpoint is a great objective for anyone looking for an active day trip and with wide views over Loch Fyne, you can’t do anything but enjoy the view.

Wade at Westport beach.

Come rain or shine this beach is a sandy heaven. A dip in the sea might be less desirable in the winter but running as fast as you can down a sand dune never gets old. It’s also home to one of the country’s best surfing areas and has a handy surfcam so you can check the waves before you arrive.

Gaze at the Glen

With more than 800 ancient monuments within a six-mile radius of Kilmartin village, it is understandable why Kilmartin Glen is thought of as one of Scotland’s richest prehistoric landscapes. Within this area of outstanding archaeological importance, you will find standing stones, stone circles, cairns and decorated rocks, so there is plenty to explore.

Cruise the Crinan Canal

Known as ‘Britain’s most beautiful shortcut’, this nine-mile waterway is just a short walk from our shop doors. Walk, jog, cycle or take to the water between Ardrishaig and Crinan and see what else you find along the way. Not far from the towpath you can find ancient woods, rock art and forts.

Need a little more inspiration? Why not pop in and see what else gives you that Coorie feel? We know Rachel would love to share some more ideas with you! Or let us know your favourite spots in Argyll, maybe there’s a special somewhere we have missed – all alternative adventure ideas are always welcome!