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Father’s Day is coming up soon, what will you do to celebrate your dad? Our fathers do a lot for us and Father’s Day is your chance to let your dad know how much you appreciate that. Let’s take a look at where the tradition of Father’s Day comes from and get some ideas of what you can give your dad on this special day.

Where Did the Father’s Day Tradition Come from?

What exactly are the origins of Father’s Day? Many historians believe that the custom of honouring fathers on a special day goes back much further than we think – it could be over 4,000 years old. Scholars believe that it can be traced back to the ruins of Babylon, where they found a card made out of clay on which a boy carved a message wishing his father good health and a long life.

The origin of the modern Father’s Day came from Sonora Smart Dodd, a young woman in the USA in 1909. When Sonora was 16 her mother died giving birth to her sixth child. Sonora was raised by her father and he did a wonderful job. Her father, William Jackson Smart, was a kind, loving, selfless and courageous man. Because of the love and support he had given her, Sonora thought that Fathers should have a special day of honour just like mothers.

In 1909 Sonora approached the Spokane YMCA and suggested that this special day for fathers take place on her father’s birthday – June 5th. However, they needed a little more time to prepare so they chose June 19th instead. The idea of celebrating fatherhood spread around the country and it was officially recognised by President Calvin Coolidge in 1924. It was designated as the 3rd Sunday in June.

These days Father’s Day is still celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June and it is a time to honour what our fathers have done for us. When this special day comes around, think about your dad and what you could get him that would make him feel happy and loved.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you looking for some ideas for what to get your dad on Father’s Day? Here is a little bit of inspiration:

  • Shaving Set or Beard Trimmer – Whether your dad is a guy who likes to have a well-trimmed beard or a guy who likes to keep a close shave, a male grooming kit can be a great gift. It can include a battery powered trimmer with all of the attachments, luxurious shaving foam and even some lotion for his skin.
  • Fuzzy Slippers – For those chilled out Sunday mornings when he is drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, give him something that he can wear to keep his feet comfy and warm. You could even pair them with a matching bathrobe to keep him feeling warm and comfy.
  • Tickets to an Event – If there is something that your dad enjoys attending, whether it is a football game, a concert, a musical or a wrestling match, get a couple of tickets and make a day of it with him.
  • Hot Sauce or Other Seasonings – If your dad is a foodie who loves to cook and delights in spicy food, treat him to some superb hot sauce that will really have his eyes watering.
  • A Stylish Watch – Your dad can stay on time and look fantastic with a great watch.
  • A Bottle of Wine – If your dad enjoys a nice bottle of wine, treat him to something a little higher level than he would normally drink. You might even want to add cheese and crackers or other little nibbles to complement the wine. Or, if you really want to treat him special you can take him to a local winery for a tour and a tasting.
  • High Quality Aftershave or Cologne – Choose a great-smelling high quality fragrance that your dad will love to wear.
  • Socks – To make this gift a little less boring, look for very high quality socks that are a bit special, such as those made with super-soft bamboo fibre material.
  • Coffee Maker – Is your dad useless in the morning until he drinks his coffee? Why not get him a high quality coffee maker so that he can make himself a delicious cup and skip the trip to Starbucks in the morning.
  • Fitbit Fitness Tracker – The Fitbit is the perfect gift for the active dad as it will allow him to track his steps, as well as mapping his heart rate, sleep patterns and other measurements.
  • ChromeCast – This handy little device allows him to play content from his tablet, smartphone or computer onto the HDTV.
  • Classic Glass Whiskey Set – A beautiful whiskey decanter and a set of glasses will make him feel suave and sophisticated. If you want to really add to this gift you could give it to him with a bottle of his favourite whiskey.
  • A Meal at His Favourite Restaurant – Where is your dad’s favourite place to eat? For father’s day, treat him to a meal there with you. Not only will he enjoy the food, but he will also love the opportunity to spend time with you.

These are just a few of the many different Father’s Day gifts that are out there. What kind of gift would your father like this year?

If you really want to give your dad a meaningful Father’s Day gift, think about his interests and hobbies and choose something that reflects that. For example, if he loves to fish you could give him a new fishing rod and if he likes to paint you could give him some new paints and brushes. Also, this gift can come with an offer to do all of his chores for the day so that he can spend him time enjoying his hobby.