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Valentine’s Day is a time of year that presents a particular challenge to the male half of the nation – though the female half is just as capable, on occasion, of struggling to find a suitable gift. It’s often a struggle to determine exactly what sort of gift best fits the occasion. Of course, the appropriate gift will vary tremendously according to many factors – including the length of the relationship, your budget, and, naturally, the tastes of the person for whom you’re buying.

If you’re worried about the trouble you might encounter, then fear not – we’ve put together a brief guide that’ll ensure you make a sensible decision. Among our Valentine’s Day gifts, you’re certain to find something that’ll please that special someone in your life!


Naturally, the most obvious sort of gift you might bestow upon your significant other this Valentine’s Day is the edible sort. A box of chocolates or other sweets has, for as long as almost anyone can remember, been a suitable gift for the occasion – since almost everyone loves chocolate. And with so many indulgent and refined chocolates available on the market today, we’ve never had greater choice when it comes to indulging our collective sweet tooth at this time of year.


Along with chocolates, Valentine’s Day flowers are a staple of the occasion – especially if you’re shopping for your wife or girlfriend. Be sure to investigate her preferences before making a purchase – that way you’ll appear incredibly thoughtful.

If you’re shopping for a man, then a bunch of flowers is unlikely to go down as well – mostly because men don’t have quite the same sense of smell that women do. But this needn’t mean that you avoid gifting plant-life altogether. A miniature cactus is sure to work well; it’s undoubtedly among the manliest available house plants, and it’ll be able to survive with barely any maintenance.


Cuddly toys are an attractive option for Valentine’s Day – particular if you’re dating someone with a penchant for childhood memorabilia. If you’re shopping for a cuddly toy, be sure that you get something from a reputable manufacturer that’ll last the distance. Cuddly toys of a certain prestige will serve just as admirably as ornaments as they will cuddling aids – a Steiff bear, for example, will sit as happily on a shelf as it will in a bed. Bears come in a range of sizes, too – so select a high-quality specimen that matches your budget.


Whether you’re shopping for a woman or a man, jewellery of one sort or another is likely to go down well. The trouble is that there are so many different sorts to choose from! If you’re shopping for a woman, then you might consider rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, or several other sorts of items. There are certain items, like rings, which carry a certain connotation of commitment – and so buying them within the first month of a relationship is probably too great a risk to recommend.

Whichever sort of jewellery you decide to opt for, a little bit of research into her tastes will go a long way toward ensuring that the gift is a hit. If your significant other is into birds, for example, she might enjoy a pair of bird-shaped earrings. Other preferences are more subtle – take a glance at her existing jewellery and see which sorts of stones are prevalent. If you’re living with the woman you’re buying for, then you’ll have a chance to inspect her stash in closer detail – and make note of the size of bracelets and rings.

If you’re shopping for a man, then your options will be a little more restricted. You might consider a wristwatch or bracelet – or a pair of cufflinks, if your man spends a lot of his time wearing shirts. If you’re dating a Scot, then it’s worth taking a look at more specialist accessories like kilt pins – which bring together good looks with tradition!


The right gadget is sure to provide a refreshing change from the usual line-up of valentines gifts – it’s almost always the less mushy and saccharine choice. That said, exactly what might constitute the ‘right’ gadget will depend on the person you’re buying for. Fortunately, there are gifts available to suit a raft of different tastes – even incredibly specific ones. Someone with an appreciation of playing cards and trains might appreciate a deck of cards to play in their spare time, while a person with and appreciation for classic design and a need to tote a laptop with them on their travels might prefer a laptop carrier for their journey. f you’re shopping for someone who likes birds and also enjoys the occasional (or more-than-occasional) bottle of wine, this sparrow-shaped corkscrew is almost certain to please. There are items to please almost anyone – so it’s worth spending some time taking a look through them.


There are certain items which simply don’t fit into any of the more traditional categories – those unmistakably special pieces of kit that we love. If you’re looking for something unique, then you might be tempted by an interesting piece of kitchenware or other household item – but it’s worth being cautious, here, as any item which will be useful might suggest that you’re looking to put your significant other to work. If you’re at a certain stage in your relationship, then gifting your valentine a pressure-cooker might be forgivable – but it’s a risky maneuver if you’re just getting started.

In Conclusion

While the prospect of Valentines Day shopping might seem a daunting one, it’s not an impossible mission – even if you’re shopping on behalf of an awkward or picky person. In order to give yourself the best possible chance of getting things right, and having the day go off without a hitch, you’ll want to plan things as far in advance as possible. If you’ve read this article, then you’re likely already pointed in the right direction; the next step is to spend some time considering and researching the tastes of your significant other, and then picking out something which most closely matches them!