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Our last blog was one for the gentlemen and so today we decided we’d better share with you our favourite gift ideas for the lovely ladies in your lives. It is our genuine opinion that every woman, no matter what relation she is to you, how old she is, or what taste she has – would not be disappointed with a gift of some indulgent chocolates, her favourite bottle of wine (or gin!) or a beautiful, big bunch of flowers. However, we’re assuming that you’re here because in this case, the basics just aren’t going to cut it. So don’t despair, our shops are literally full of fantastic gift ideas for the girls, and we’ve put together some that we think you can’t go wrong with!

So let us start strong, with hands down our best-selling accessories brand in the history of The Square Peg… Powder Designs. Powder create the most gorgeous socks, gloves, hats, scarves and hair accessories. Each piece is exquisitely designed right here in Scotland and the patterns and colours are bright, bold and luxurious – and the best bit is that each is supplied with its own beautiful, complimentary gift packaging. Undoubtedly the best sellers at this time of year are the socks (for a wee something) and the gloves (for a bigger something!) A pair of Powder gloves are priced between just £20 and £25. Our current favourites are the Bettina gloves, which have a fantastic faux fur trim on the wrist – and are available in a range of stunning jewel colour combinations, including Damson, Navy, Mustard and Teal.

bettina gloves in damson

Whist we’re talking accessories, there’s a new scarf brand on the block that we mustn’t forget to include. These scarves were brand new to us this Autumn and they’ve proved very popular with our local customers, in particular our staff (and there’s no greater seal of approval than that!) The brand is called Eco Style and the scarves are all made from 100% reprieve polyester, which is created using recycled plastic bottles. Not that you’d guess, as the material is super soft and really easy to wear. They come in a range of patterns and are all priced at £14.00. We’ve been so pleased with the reaction to these and think that anyone who received one as a gift would be really pleased too. You can browse the full Eco Style range here.

sophie scarf black

However, if the accessories that the lady in question prefers are home accessories, then we can’t recommend a better range than Sophie Allport. As well as kitchen textiles – tea towels, oven gloves, aprons, and napkins – we also have a beautiful selection of china, including mugs and jugs, teacups and tea tidies. We have bees, whales, stags and hearts patterns, all of which are equally popular and create the opportunity to mix and match to suit her style.Shop the Collection here.

bees teacup

If you’re thinking that that’s still not quite her cup of tea, then how about a mug from bookishly instead? We’ve got a cute collection of mugs based around a love of literature. Including “Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be” and “A book a day keeps reality away” perfect for those who enjoy nothing more than curling up with a cuppa and a good book.

 between the pages mug

Or what about something with a Scottish twist? Arran are well known for their fantastic range of bath and body products, especially their signature scent, After the Rain. After the Rain is a fresh blend of rose petals, musk and floral citrus combined with the notes of Arran’s precious woods. It’s always been a best seller when it comes to soaps and eau de toilette, but we also recently started stocking their home scents collection. The range includes large and small candles, reed diffusers and room sprays and it’s proved very popular. The packaging is beautiful, sleek, and sophisticated. Each piece is presented in a cylindrical branded tin, making it perfect for presents. Of course, we do have the home scents in alternative fragrances: zingy “Just Grapefruit” and floral “Bergamot & Geranium” both of which are presented in the same great packaging and would be lovely gifts alone or as a set.

bergamot diffuser

Talking of sets, our last suggestion takes us back to where we began - with what might seem like a very obvious choice. How about a set of glasses? We did mention that you can't ever go wrong with a bottle of wine - and seeing as it's Christmas how about an upgrade to a bottle of bubbly - and some glasses to go with it? These prosecco glasses are from renowned glass experts, LSA. They're perfect, mouth blown glass and presented as a pair in a gift box. Superbly suited to the season! 

prosecco glasses

If after all of that you're still at a loss then we recommend browsing our gifts for her under £20.00 and gifts for her over £20.00 collections and we're sure you'll find something to suit!

Our next gift guide is going to be one for kids - so look out for that coming shortly. And remember that everything that we have online and in store can be gift wrapped free of charge and delivery from the website is free on all orders over £20.00. We can even wrap and send directly to the recipient, so not only do we save you wrapping it up, we can also save you time in the queue at the post office!

As always, we're here to help, if you have any questions then please contact us and we'll do what we can to assist you. Happy Shopping!