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Winter is in full swing. The air is bitterly cold and snow is threatening to make the commute to work extra stressful without being utterly impossible – and thereby irritating a nation. Fortunately, some solace may be found in retail; if you are suffering from midwinter blues, then why not console yourself with an accessory or two?

Many women will be tired of the contents of their winter wardrobes. Somehow, life seems complete with the addition of a few glittering trinkets! Fortunately, the fashion industry is more than capable of catering to such demand.

It seems that there is no outfit in the world which could not benefit from a few more accessories. To abstain from accessories entirely is self-evidently wasteful. An outfit without accessories is like a bakewell tart without a cherry. Furthermore, by swapping and changing a few key accessories, one can utterly transform the look of an outfit – and thereby expand the scope of a wardrobe.

With that in mind, there has never been a better time to buy accessories. The post-Christmas price cuts have kicked in and so it’s entirely possible to acquire premium-quality accessories for a pittance. In this article, we will go through a few of them and see if we can root out some of the most tantalising ones.


Scarves are an excellent way to complement any winter ensemble. As well as providing visual accents to your look, they serve a practical purpose, too: it’s pretty chilly out there! This red polka dot creation is particularly alluring, while those on a budget might also consider this pastel scarf by artisan knitwear producer Eribe.


We’re all familiar with bags. They’re for carrying important things. If you’re going to carry around a handbag, it should at least match the rest of your clothes. Fortunately, there is an enormous range of handbags available, in styles to match any outfit. At more than fifty pounds off, this black crocodile-skin bag represents excellent value for money, as well as being hugely stylish – you can put your ethical concerns to one side; it’s mock-croc, so to speak. If, on the other hand, your taste tends more toward the bright and exuberant, then this satchel from Nicky James might be more to your liking.


As well as being entirely functional, belts serve a nigh-on indispensable aesthetic function. They help to ‘break up’ an ensemble, as well as tying it together. You can have a contrasting colour, or you can have one that matches. Some belts offer a great deal of scope for flexibility. This belt, for example, is reversible. One can wear it inside out and have it turn into a completely different colour. This clearly makes economic sense. Why bother with a single belt when you can have two for the same price?


In matters concerning jewellery, less is often said to be more. On the other hand, some would say the contrary: that more is more. Whether one holds to the minimalist ideal, or the maximalist one, jewellery is a powerful way of transforming an outfit into something special.

Jewellery comes in a variety of forms and a huge variety of prices. If you want to make a statement (and why wouldn’t you?) then a ring, such as this silver lace example, will undoubtedly prove an attractive option. If your budget doesn’t allow for such excesses, then don’t despair! A bracelet, such as this one by Pilgrim, can add some much needed razzmatazz to even the dreariest outfit. Pilgrim jewellery is made primarily of brass and zinc so it adds character and shine to any outfit.

Returning to the other end of the cost spectrum, we find a number of attractive necklaces, some of them heavily discounted. Of these, this one from Amanda Coleman is among the most eye-catching. At 20% off, it represents an expenditure which borders on justifiable. If you’re looking to lend some glamour to your party clothes.


With winter in full swing, there has never been a better time to acquire some serious, heavy-duty headgear. A hat will be of great benefit in snowbound Britain, as well as being handy on ski slopes across continent. This furry hat brings to mind the images of snow-bound St. Petersburg. Though undoubtedly convincing, the fur is fake – so you can strut through a blizzard with a clear conscience. If, on the other hand, you’re more of a traditionalist at heart, then this bobble hat from Eribe will keep the snow off your head in style – especially so if you have a scarf to match!