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Friendship is a universal language. In a world where keeping in touch is increasingly easy yet impersonal, due to the rise of social media and messaging apps on our phones, it’s important to let our nearest and dearest know that they’re always on our minds.

Whether we have many or few, we all hold friends dear to our hearts. Friendship Day is only around the corner, happening on the 6th August. So, let’s discuss the history and come up with some fantastic gifts you can send your friends.

Friendship Day was founded by Hallmark in 1919, it was intended for sending cards or gifts to your friends to show your acknowledgement and appreciation.

A good friend sees us through our best days, such as weddings and birthdays, providing us with amusing anecdotes that we repeat time again in our later years. Trust, stability and endurance are the components that bring us together in a bond that can survive even the darkest hour. We spend our entire lives from birth creating and maintaining friendships, nurturing them at home, at work and pretty much anywhere!

Each friendship offers something totally unique — and irreplaceable. Each friendship ultimately makes us who we are.

And sometimes, despite our closeness to a person, buying them a gift for an occasion can be incredibly difficult- to what extent can something material truly show an individual what they mean to us?

We believe that the answer to this question lies in making the gift truly thoughtful and personal. People oftentimes already have everything they need, or the money to purchase it if they don’t already have it.

Here, we’ll provide you with a handy guide for buying gifts for friends from all different walks of life!

Friendship Bracelets

What better way to show how much your friendship means to you then a friendship bracelet? They are special and last forever, just like friendships! If you are looking for mature and classy ones then our Chrysalis Serenity friendship bracelets in rhodium or rose gold make the perfect gift. We also have make your own friendship bracelet kits, so you can make it your own way for your friend.



There are so many ways you can express your appreciation for a friendship. One way is via a gift, If your friend isn’t one for wearing jewellery then why not treat them to one of our meaningful friendship ornaments? We have beautiful angel of friendship figurines from the popular brand – Willow Tree, that will look gorgeous in their home.


We love mugs as gifts for two reasons: they can be incredibly easy to make personal to the individual, plus it will be one of the first things that a person picks up in the morning before they go to work, perhaps to put their tea or coffee in. Whether for a parent, grandparent or a friend, a mug printed with a special photo or quote that means something to the bond that you share is sure to make them smile.

Gardening sets

If your friend enjoys being in the garden, then a gardening set wouldn’t go amiss! If someone’s hobby is nurturing their own back garden, gifting them the tools to do so would make a wonderful present. Show your friend that you enjoy their hobbies as much as they do-perhaps a trowel and fork set? Or maybe even a book on how to grow their favourite flowers?

Thank You Cards

As well as all of the fantastic gifts above, there is one more thing you could consider getting for your friend; a card! A simple thank you card with a lovely message will go a long way!

Generally, we know you already know your friend like the back of your hand, but we hope this post gives you a few ideas for the people who already have everything!