Free delivery on orders over £20

And how to shop with us

Over the last (nearly!) eight weeks - even though the doors to The Square Peg have remained firmly shut - we have been very much open for business, and very appreciative of every order we receive.    

Of course sales have plummeted, but I have been really lucky to have the continued support of customers through online and telephone sales.


Isbean, office dog and shop inspector, has been helping out with local deliveries!

The Sandwich Bar has also been given a huge boost with the awarding of a short-term contract providing food supplies to the local Balfour Beatty workforce (key workers undertaking a critical electricity pylon upgrade project in the area).

 Balfour Beatty gave us a fantastic opportunity to get the Sandwich Bar operating again.  Not without its challenges, and a far cry from normal operations, we have managed to feed 150+ operatives daily while keeping our distance and sanity!

I’m not sure when the Sandwich bar will - realistically - be able to open for business as normal again.  It’s all a bit chicken and egg, as we need a market to serve. 

Our 1st job will be to bake an entire round of Chocolate biscuit cake for our facebook competition winner!


In the meantime, here’s how you can shop at the Square Peg:

Buy a gift voucher.  Call 01546 602445

Give friends or family something to look forward to by purchasing a gift voucher for them to personally choose their gift when they can safely visit us again.  You can purchase a gift voucher over the phone at any time.


Emma Bridgewaterat The Square PegBombay Duck at The Square PegNo. 5 south facing window at The SquarePeg

 Shop by Phone.  Call 01546 602445

You can call between 10am and 4pm from Monday to Friday, and pay for goods by card.  We can make suggestions, take pictures and videos of stock, or even FaceTime to show you what we have available.

Shop Online




You can shop at your convenience at where we have maybe 50% of our stock available, and I’m adding more all the time.  You can choose to send your purchase as a gift, and you can dictate a message for us to include in the parcel.  We will gift wrap it and send it directly to your recipient.  We can also do all this by phone too.

Collection, Delivery and Returns

You can collect purchases from the shops (no contact) by arrangement, or we will dispatch/deliver to you.  

If we deliver to you locally it will be contactless, and if we post it will be via Royal Mail.    Your parcel might arrive later than expected during the pandemic (up to two weeks for 2nd class parcels).  The post office has said its absence rates are double what they normally are at this time of year and the number of letters and parcels to be delivered is significantly more.  Special delivery parcels may also be delayed

I have extended our returns period to within 90 days from receipt, and will extend this further if it looks as though required.

delivery available from The Square Peg  gift wrapping and delivery at The Square Pegdoorstep delivery from The Square Peg

Although everyone’s health and safety is at the top of all our minds, the side effects of staying at home and social distancing can be harsh.  Gift-giving can help bridge some of the physical and emotional distances we are all experiencing. 

Any one sale (no matter how small) in these times of uncertainty means the world to my business, my staff, and me - and I’ve been really pleased to be able to help customers send those important gifts and messages.

Stay safe,

PS:  You can keep up to date with goings on at The Square Peg on Facebook and Instagram: