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Woof! It’s the office dogs here. The humans are being a bit lazy this time and have roped us into writing the blog for them... We negotiated a good biscuit deal and have agreed to share with you guys some of our favourite doggy delights that are currently in the shop, but first let us introduce ourselves…



Hello, I’m Winnie. I’m a wee bitty shy, mostly because all you humans are so much bigger than me. On a quiet day in the office (and when the boss isn’t looking) I practice my delicate ballerina footwork ready for my escape missions to the shop. I’ve always been caught before I am given the chance to raid the sandwich bar of their square sausage but one day... I am a sausage dog after all!




Pronounced Ish-bean, my name is Gaelic for Sausage! But I also answer to Ishy and I am as fabulously fun as I seem. Cheeky and cheery and maybe just a little work shy - admittedly a biscuit bribe is the best way to get me into the office. Once I’ve been tricked into turning up for the day, I set about my to-do list. Long naps are normally at the top of my agenda, followed by distracting the humans to get my tummy tickled.


We might be biased but our all-time favourite product has got to be a pair of Powder Sausage Dog socks. Sadly, our little legs aren’t long enough for them, but we’d be proud to walk alongside any owner modelling such stylish wears!

Powder UK knee high socks

As far as we’re concerned no kitchen should be without a dog-shaped chopping board - think of all the tasty treats you could drop off this for your dog friends!

Chopping board

If you enjoy a good brew while your pup snuggles up with you in front of the telly, then we’ve sniffed out a few different dog mugs in the shops, including this brand new selection from Bailey & Friends. There’s even a cat design in there, so nobody can accuse us of being un feline friendly!

Dora Designs have some of the friendliest doorstops we’ve met. They have a wind range of animals from puffins and otters to cats and dogs. They’ve great names, some of them even have fancy outfits but our dog pals are obviously our favourites. Mac Scottie Dog would be a great companion in your home and the Plaid Scottie Doorstop knows how to sit like a good boy.

We are pretty sure we’ve earned our biscuits, so now we best get back to the important work, napping. Let us know if you enjoyed our guest appearance, maybe we’ll be able to negotiate an increase from biscuits to sausages for a comeback.