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Winter with its rain, sleet and bitter cold will soon be a somewhat distant memory, well we hope it will, and in its place, spring will come bursting onto the scene bringing with it Easter and the promise of new life stirring in the world outside our windows. From the flowers bursting up thought the ground to share with us some of those wonderful first blooms of the year, the bright yellows of daffodils and the purple of the crocus, to baby animals suddenly beginning to appear in the fields, and the promise of better weather just around the corner. This year Easter begins on 30th March with Good Friday and ends with Easter Monday on 2nd of April.

Get the natural look

Easter isn’t just a time for chocolate eggs, it’s a time to get together as a family and enjoy each other’s company, a time for great food and sharing and just like Christmas a great time to decorate your home for all those potential visitors, and of course yourself. Nature has plenty to offer at this time of year for decorating your home, so the obvious place to start is of course with a vase, or two, of bright cheerful Daffodils; with their vibrant yellow petals and bold flower shape they are a staple in many homes at Easter. For the well-prepared nature will be giving you a helping hand and decorating your garden with snowdrops, crocus and daffodils springing up; don’t worry if you don’t have any of these growing in your garden you could always plant some I time for next year!

Food for thoughts

With those extra precious holiday days that you get over Easter there is really nothing better than treating yourself to a well-deserved lie in. Well, actually there might be and that is an extra special breakfast. And what better at Easter than eggs for breakfast, not the chocolate kind, but a lovely fresh egg; perfectly boiled and with plenty of warm buttery toast soldiers on the side – delicious! However, where do you plan on putting your boiled egg when it comes to serving? Well, how about these funky Kawaii Friends egg cups, they come in a set of 3 with the design celebrating the cutesy nature of Japanese pop culture.

If you are planning on doing lots of entertaining over Easter then you will probably be thinking about offering food to your guests and whether this takes the form of a more formal sit-down meal, a buffet or even just an afternoon tea of cakes and sandwiches then you will want to protect your table from all those serving dishes and the marks that you can get from hot drinks and cold beverages. What better way to bring Easter to your table than with some stunning, mats and coasters with a pattern that has an Easter inspired design.

This stunning set of Sweet Hen cork backed place mats are the perfect way to add an element of fun to your table whilst giving you peace of mind against any damage to your table top. The place mats are available in a box of 4 and measure 21.5cm by 24cm, a very generous size for any table. Of course, if you would like to coordinate your table with matching items then why not take a look at these Sweet Hen cork backed coasters. They feature the same sweet design as the place mats and would be great for all those drinks you will probably be offering to your guests over the Easter period.

Both of these items are from the Sweet Hen range by London based designer Gisela Graham, and would make the perfect addition to any Easter table. Of course, you do not have to reserve them just for Easter, this sweet design is sure to be a big hit with your family, so you might find yourself using them at other times of the year as well.

Easter themed knickknacks

With your Easter table all sorted, don’t forget to turn your attention to the rest of the room as well. Temporary items that you can easily put up and then remove after Easter are the perfect way to add a touch of Easter to any room, and you could even move them around your home as the mood takes you. Carrying on the theme of hens, the classic blue and white colouring of this adorable Fretwork French Hen Decoration, is a really elegant way to bring Easter to the walls in your home.

The delicate fretwork pattern of this decoration, with its blue floral touches and simplistic hen’s features, would not look out in place in any home, whether you favour the more traditional or something more modern. Made of wood with a simple twine loop for ease of hanging this decoration measures 10 cm by 9cm and is just 0.5cm thick, making it nice and light and suitable for hanging just about anywhere, with little to no effort.

However you decide to decorate your home for Easter we hope you will find inspiration from the selection of products that we have to offer. Easter is a great time to really let your imagination go wild and just enjoy decorating your home with all those wonderful influences of both colour and nature that Spring has to offer, and of course it is also a really great way to brighten everything up after all those cold dreary winter months. Celebrate the season, enjoy those extra holiday days and of course don’t eat all the Easter eggs!