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With the amount of sun, we have had this past week and the daffodils dotting our lawns, you couldn’t deny that spring has sprung, bringing with it Easter. This year Easter weekend falls between 19th-22nd April and we are hoping that the following blog will help give you a little inspiration for ways to celebrate and gifts to give.

Cracking Celebrations

There are many ways to celebrate Easter, from family feasts to eggcellent adventures.

If you have children to keep entertained what better way than to send them off scavenging on an Easter egg hunt?! Get the kids’ legs stretched, as they hunt high and low for them and risk letting the adults get involved – they normally end up being the most competitive. Need something to help your little ones collect their eggs? How about one of our cute floppy eared bunny bags from Gisela Graham. If you haven’t got the time to organise your own Easter egg hunt, there is often community events going on. In Lochgilphead you can have an early Easter and take your kids along to a fantastic family event being held at Blarbuie Woodlands between 1-3pm on Saturday 13th April or hunt around the Himalayan style glen at Crarae Gardens Easter event from 19-22nd April.

Gisela Graham Bunny Bag

Get crafty with your celebrations and have an egg-painting session – remember to hard boil them first though, it’s no yolk getting egg all over you! (We promise to stop with the egg puns!)

Once you’ve decorated your eggs why not go egg rolling. This is a traditional Easter game played all over the world. Different nations play the game differently, but traditionally you roll the egg down a hill and see which one goes the furthest, alternatively, you can play it on a flat surface and roll the egg along until you go over the finish line.

Every good celebration involves great food, whether that be a fantastic feed for all the family or an eggy-themed breakfast. Lay the table with our Hen-Sweet-Hen Place Mats and matching coasters and bunny salt and pepper pots. A simple boiled egg breakfast can be easily glammed up with some pretty egg-cups, like the set of Emma Bridgewater Daffodilis 3 Egg Cups or the stunningly simple Sophie Allport Bee Egg Cup.

Bee egg cup

Gifts for Easter

Hoping to save their teeth and give them a chocolate-free alternative? How about a super snuggly Jellycat rabbit – we have a wide range of colours, from natural coloured bunnies, to blue and pink ones or a special spring-time friend with floral ears.

Encourage them to save their pennies with the Bashful Bunny Money Box or help them get creative with a set of colouring pencils in a Peter Rabbit Pencil Tin – you could even draw some Easter cards together.

The Wrendale Designs Rosie Mug is a fabulously fitting gift with its beautifully illustrated floppy-eared bunny design. Or take inspiration for the spring-time lambs and opt for a Dora Designs Lois Lamb Junior Paperweight, the same design is also available in a larger doorstop.

Dora Designs Junior Lamb Paperweight

As well as small gifts for your friends and family you can decorate your house for the occasion. If you have somewhere suitable for hanging decorations, then the pastel coloured Selma Glass Eggs made by Wilkholm are perfect. They also do a clear glass alternative with a floating feather inside. Looking for something a little more quirky? Then how about a bright Raffia Carrot Garland or the colourful Country Folk Ceramic Hen Dec, this beautiful design is also available in jugs, mugs and coasters.

Happy Easter from us all at The Square Peg!