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It might come as a surprise that Christmas is only two months away. Perhaps you have been actively trying to avoid contemplating it? You could be forgiven for doing so! While Christmas is undoubtedly fun, it also requires a great deal of hard work and stress. According to surveys performed last year by YouGov on behalf of the Sunday Times, this is especially true of women, who, in most British households, perform most of the work involved in organising and executing Christmas.


To be more specific, the survey indicated that, at least in heterosexual live-in relationships, women are overwhelmingly more likely to carry out tasks like buying food, buying presents, cooking, filling stockings, organising games, buying and decorating trees. In fact, as a rule the only thing men do more of is washing up!

If you are a woman in such a situation, this might sound familiar. That being the case, you may be dreading the looming mountain of cooking, decorating, familial discord and the accompanying stress that is about to come your way. Why not anticipate the oncoming stress and start taking measure to look after number one as much as possible. It is time to pamper yourself a little and make this year different to past years.


Tips for Relaxation

For many women, relaxation goes hand in hand with cleanliness. This is unsurprising; studies have demonstrated that feeling filthy, leads to feelings of low self-esteem, which ultimately leads to stress. Feeling pampered, on the other hand, yields a feeling of tremendous positivity.

Take a bath

Taking a bath

One of the most tried-and-tested routes toward relaxation is a long, luxurious bath. A number of studies have linked regular bathing with feelings of calm, concluding that warm water helps to relieve muscular tension, as well as stimulating cell movement and circulation. This conclusion is supported by a wealth of anecdotal evidence, which is why bathing has been used as a meditative aid since the days of ancient Rome.

The bathing experience has evolved since Roman times, as you might expect! Now, a whole raft of fragrances and other substances are available to enhance the bathing experience. These come in the form of aromatic aids, such as soaps and gels. A decent bath set will include both, among other things, like candles.  For those feeling particularly indulgent, then there are a range of aromatic bath soaps, separately sold, which add further variety to every soak.

If bathing is not your thing, then why not treat yourself to a new shower gel? On the typical weekly shopping list, shower gels are an often overlooked item; splashing out on an expensive brand is a luxury rarely afforded. Why not make an exception in the run up to Christmas? There are many different gels available, and they can be bought together in a sample kit, such as the Aromatics Collection available from


During the cold winter months, the air becomes drier. For many, this leads to some mild but irritating skin issues, manifested chiefly in cheilitis simplex, or, as it’s more commonly known, chapped lips. Your lips are naturally covered with a layer of oil, which helps to prevent moisture loss and prevent your lips from drying out. But it can easily be wiped away, which is why licking and rubbing your lips only makes the problem worse.


Why not pre-empt this problem with a Lip Balm Kit? Not only will your skin be healthier, but you will feel better about it as well. Sweet Rose Lip Balm and other such flavoured creations, are particularly popular.

As well as the lips, your skin in general can suffer during winter from a lack of hydration. This can be combatted by taking on more fluid, but for some people, this fluid never seems to reach the skin, and as a consequence, their skin often feels dry and irritated.

If this is you, then why not look into moisturisers? There are a wide range of them available, all in different textures and viscosities. Moisturisers are available in scents ranging from apple to avocado. Body butter is a particularly popular form of moisturiser; it will melt into the skin to leave it feeling radiant. Nougat London provide a popular range of moisturisers with notes of tuberose and jasmine.   These come in the form of a Nurturing Handcream, and Sparkling Body Shimmer, which is a liquid moisturiser sold in a bottle. Choose whichever suits your mood and your skin.

Hopefully, after taking a nice long bath (and making it a regular event), sorting out those sore lips and squeezing in a massage every now and again you will be fit for the Christmas mania ahead. Just remember that your workload is being supersized so the love and care you give your body should go up a notch to match that.

Enjoy Christmas this year by refusing to let your needs come last!