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As the years go on, toy trends tend to change and different things become popular with young people – think Furbies, Beanie Babies, Tamagotchis and all of the other toy crazes. However, there are some retro toys that young people, their parents and their grandparents have all owned – because these classic toys have stood the test of time.

So what are some of the classic retro toys that transcend generations? Here are a few timeless playthings that will never go out of style:

Wooden Building Blocks

Wooden building blocks are the simplest of toys, just wooden blocks in different shapes painted bright and vibrant colours. However, they have been an incredibly popular toy for many generations.

The fun of wooden building blocks is in their simplicity. They don’t need a Wifi connection, flashing lights or sound effects to be interesting. All it takes it the imagination of child to turn these blocks into a skyscraper, a house, a farm, a space station or anything else. There are so many possibilities when you are playing with wooden blocks.

Victorian Flick Books

A Victorian flick book is another simple yet fun toy, consisting of a small book with a series of photos or illustrations that change slightly from one page to the next. When you flick through the pages of the book, the pictures appear to be animated.

These books started to become popular in 1868 and they were the original animations and were a common toy during Victorian times. Now these vintage books are prized among collectors. The simple magic of watching the illustrations come to life makes for timeless fun.


What young child hasn’t played with a classic bag of marbles at least once? These spherical toys can be used for a number of different games and they are also collected for their attractive colours. Usually games of marbles require the player to flick the marble toward a target or toward the opponent’s marbles – in order to claim those marbles as their own. Do you remember playing this game with your schoolmates when you were younger?

Retro Board Games

Remember having family game night when your family would get together and play a classic game such as Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, Ludo or Cluedo? Board games are great for kids because they teach them how to understand the rules, play fair and deal with friendly competition. Many of the simple classic board games have been around for decades, but they are still very fun to play.  Also, playing a game together is a great way for a family to spend valuable time bonding and enjoying each other’s company.

Spinning Tops

Grab the handle of a spinning top and give it a whirl! Watch it spin around – how long can you keep it spinning until it hits the ground? A spinning top might seem like a simple toy, but it can be fascinating for a child and provide them with hours of entertainment. Most of us remember having spinning tops when we were children, as this toy has been around for many generations.

These are just some examples of timeless toys that have been popular for many generations, entertaining millions of children all over the world. As you can see, it is usually the simplest of toys that are the best and withstand the test of time, because they allow children to let their imagination run wild and they can be played with in so many different ways. What are your favourite retro toys that you remember from your childhood? Are they still around today?