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We’re back with the final part of our gift guide trilogy – Great Gifts for Kids. Obviously, we couldn’t write our Christmas gift recommendations without including the wee folk that Christmas is all about! The magic of this time of year is all thanks to them, so we’ll do what we can to provide you with some inspiration for presents as well as some fun activities for the season and alternative stocking filler suggestions – so that the little ones have got lots to get excited about!

So we'll start with one of our favourite activities brands - Clockwork Soldier specialise in paper activities and craft kits aiming to provide fun and challenging projects as a welcome distraction from digital toys. All products are lovingly inspired by nostalgia and curiosities that will amaze children and adults alike.

One of the best buys has to be the Build a Terrible T-Rex Head kit. Creative kids can craft their very own giant dinosaur head to hang up in their bedroom - it will look like the dinosaur is crashing through their wall! Easy to follow instructions and fun guaranteed - and best of all, there's no glue or scissors needed.

terrible t rex head
Our next suggestion is a seasonal best seller, packed full of Santas and reindeer, French hens and geese a-laying, plum puddings and presents! This Eggnogg Christmas colour-in tablecloth will keep the whole family quietly entertained throughout the Christmas holidays. 

christmas tablecloth

And they're not just for Christmas! We have a whole range of these fantastic giant tablecloth / poster / playmat activities - including Farm, Seaside and Fairies & Unicorns. Each super sized durable paper poster comes in a slim box - perfectly easy to pop in the post if that fits your brief! Shop the full range here

farm table cloth

However, if the children you're shopping for aren't quite at that stage yet - but still require some entertaining then we must show you these adorable baby rattles from fair trade brand Best Years.

These friendly fruit rattles are available in Apple, Pineapple, Orange and Pear - each embroidered with a cheerful, smiling face. Bright, tactile cotton crochet makes these food rattles brilliant baby gifts - easy to care for, they're machine washable and suitable from birth - the question is how can you possibly pick just one?

fruit rattles

Next up, we wanted to share a relatively new collection for us, we only discovered them a few months ago, so can't believe how popular it's been so far! History Heroes are award winning, pocket-sized card games for all ages - about who made history, how and when. 

Test yourself and learn more - each pack contains 40 fantastically illustrated cards to enjoy, absorb and learn. Suitable for all abilities, you can choose your level of facts - making the game versatile and as easy or as hard as you fancy.

There's a range of subjects, including inventorsartists and explorers, all of which are designed and made in the UK. Great games for children from age 8+ and an ideal pastime for playing with parents and grandparents over the holidays!

history heroes artists

Last but not least, we couldn't finish up a Kids Christmas Gift Guide without mentioning our super Stocking Fillers department! We've got an excellent array of wee bits and pieces that make ideal stocking fillers or simple somethings to slip inside a card. 

Here's some of our favourites:

Set of Three Bamboo Elf Spoons: How cute are these? And only £5.50 for the set. There's also a matching plate for £8.50 - perfect for baby's first Christmas dinner!

elf spoons

Second up: Seedballs. These little tins have been created by conservation scientists and are a unique innovation to help more people grow bee and butterfly-friendly wildflowers. £6.50 for a tin containing 20 seedballs:

butterfly seed balls

Top Secret Stamp: because what kid's business isn't top secret? At just £2.50 this stamper and ink pad set is fantastic value and a top seller!

top secret stamp

Wizard's Magic Drawer - This classic disappearing and reappearing coin trick that is sure to delight - with the most delightful part being that it's just £1.50:

magic drawer

Last up - a Little Wishes Bracelet. When the cord finally wears down and breaks the wish is released and will come true - so they say! Presented on card with a little matching envelope and just £4.00:

wish bracelet

So there you have it, our Gift Guide for this year is complete! We hope that we were able to provide at least one solution for you this season? 

You've still got plenty shopping time left - but please make sure you check out Royal Mail's last posting dates on our delivery page to make sure you get your orders in in plenty of time for the big day! And remember if time is not on your side, we can always wrap your orders and send them directly to their destination.

Also, do keep in mind that there's always someone available to respond to any enquiries via email - so if you'd like any more detail about our products, to check availability or ask advice - just contact us and we'd be happy to help!