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Father’s Day is rapidly approaching and we thought it would be an excellent time to point those about to commence their father’s day shopping in the right direction. At Who’s it for? we stock a varied range of gifts which would be appropriate for dads on Father’s Day. In this article, we’ve managed to narrow it down to just a few of the best. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the items competing for your attention this year!


kind of daddies mug

Golf is among the most popular pastimes among men of a certain age. And it’s easy to see why. It requires of its players only a modest amount of exertion, provides them with a cathartic release of energy every time they play the ball not to mention time to mull over anything that may be on their mind, while also offering them the chance to take careful and very important tallies along the way. For this reason, it is particularly beloved among dads. If your dad, like so many others, is a lover of this most noble sport, then perhaps this mug will be appreciated. It proudly displays your dad’s favoured pastime and does so with a charming tweed silhouette.

Our next entry exemplifies the sort of imagination we look for when selecting our products. If your dad likes his tea and he likes rock climbing too, then this tea infuser from Kikkerland will go down a treat. It comes in the shape of a metal figure abseiling down the side of the glass, tea leaves infusing from his belly as he goes.

This one will go down well with connoisseurs of loose tea just as well as it will with those who have only yet experienced the bagged variety. Like all the best gifts, it blends something familiar with something strange and intriguing. Plus, if everything goes well you’ll be able to buy him a big bag of exotic tea leaves every year.

Food and Drink

You can never have too many corkscrews. That said, in such a crowded field, it is sometimes difficult to find one that stands out. Fortunately, we here at Who’s it for? pride ourselves on finding products which stand out from the crowd. This one we find particularly attractive – it comes in the shape of a stainless steel sparrow, with a stained oak grip and a delightful metal head and beak. It exudes quality – just the thing for your dad to pop open the next bottle of his wine of choice on Father’s Day.

But of course, drink is not much fun without something to eat. Furthermore, it won’t have escaped the notice of most readers that summer is fast approaching; the days are getting longer and the sun is a little more forthcoming. At the risk of casting a jinx over the whole thing, it’s about the time we should all start preparing for barbeque season. If your dad has a penchant for the barbeque, then we can think of few gifts more appropriate than these pirates versus ninja corn skewers. They come in a delightful shade of charcoal black. Though the blades are made from stainless steel, the handles are made from plastic – ensuring that your dad doesn’t burn his hands when he goes to retrieve his nicely blackened cob. We’re getting mightily hungry just thinking about it!

ninja bbq scewers

Other Useful items

It is a common complaint of dads that they often deposit their spare change into the back of the sofa, where it will remain hidden until the next spot of bi-annual upholstery cleaning. That they do this unwittingly is not much consolation when your settee is visibly sagging beneath the weight of thousands of twenty pence pieces! If this sounds familiar, then perhaps our next idea may appeal. It comes in the form of a money tin marked simply ‘Bank of Dad’, which will give your dad a place to store all of his spare change. The rear carries the playful proviso ‘not to be spent on anything I would disapprove of’, thereby ensuring that its contents never facilitate anything your old dad would not do.

On the other hand, if your dad does a lot of reading, then this booklight might be eminently more suitable for him. It comes disguised as a clothespin, which will neatly clip to the top of any book he happens to be engrossed in and thereby ensures an easy night-time literary experience. The clip can be attached anywhere and so as well as serving a booklight, it can also illuminate any area your father should desire. A practical gift, to be sure and one which may find a use in a variety of unexpected places.