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Christmas is just a few short weeks away and if you still have presents to buy then it really is time to start thinking about what you are going to get for people. Whatever you do, don’t leave it too late or you could end up buying the first thing that you see.  The problem is that with so many relatives and friends to buy for getting the perfect Christmas present for everyone can be something of a nightmare. If you factor in a number of different budgets and a wide variety of different tastes, gift shopping for a large number of people can be an exhausting experience.

The perfect place to look for the ideal gift could be right under your nose. You don’t really have to go that far from home to find a fantastic and very varied range of items that would give you the perfect selection of gifts. Scotland is a wonderful and very diverse country that produces a fantastic variety of items for which they are well known all over the world. With this in mind, here are just a few of the top Scottish gifts that could find their way onto your present buying list this Christmas.

The Land of Whisky

When it comes to Whisky, Scotland really know what they are doing, with over 100 licensed distilleries producing Whisky, spread over the 5 Whisky regions they offer a fantastic selection of Whisky. Whatever your budget or the taste of the person you are buying a present for, you are sure to be something to suit your requirements, it really does make the perfect gift for almost everyone.

Of course, there are some people who don’t like Whisky, but don’t worry - there are still plenty of Scottish gifts that would be the ideal choice for them.

Beautiful Tartan

Apart from Whisky, and of course the Loch Ness Monster, Tartan is the other big Scottish item that springs to mind when people think of Scottish gifts, and when it comes to choices there are certainly plenty of those as well. With an estimated 3500 to 7000 tartans in existence and approximately 150 new designs being registered every year Tartan comes in a fantastic arrange of colours and designs.

If you want to buy something a little different to the more usual kilt or Tartan blanket, then you can’t really go wrong with soft furnishings.

Cushions make a fantastic gift the everyone will love and these stunning Totally Tartan Autumn Buchanan Applique Cushions, complete with adorable Scottie dog motif are the perfect choice. The rectangular cushions, which measure 16” by 12”, are made from Autumn Buchanan Tartan which is a combination of autumnal colours. The Scottie dog is made from contrasting soft pile fleece.

If you like the colours of these cushions, then you will love our range of draft excluders. They make the perfect gift to help keep any home warm and cosy during the colder winter months. It comes in three different Tartan patterns; Autumn Buchanan, Antique Buchanan and Dark Maple, all of which are beautiful mixtures of autumnal reds, oranges and yellows with a touch of Olive.


Another perfect gift for your loved ones is a traditional calendar. What better way to start of the new year with a calendar to maintain the tasks and events you will be attending throughout the year! Here at Who’s it For? We have a wide range of calendars that look good in any home, office or study. One of our most popular calendars is the Jolomo Deluxe 2018 wall calendar. Jolomo is a famous Scottish artist and is very well known for his unique paintings that he makes. This particular calendar is raising money for a re-build of Glasgow School of Art, so not only will you be providing someone with a stunning calendar, but you will also be helping the local community of Scotland.

Amongst our range of calendars, we also have a variety of animal themed ones, different Scottish locations and of course… Christmas advent calendars!


Everyone loves to read, and whether they prefer fiction or non-fiction its always nice to have a book that you can curl up with. With its rich history and vibrant culture there are plenty of books available to buy with a Scottish theme. Anyone who loves culture is sure to be delighted by a book about Scottish Castles, and there are certainly quite a few of those! If you are buying a gift for someone who loves food, and especially someone who loves to cook then the Scottish Salmon Bible is a must. This little gem is jam packed full of delicious salmon recipes; everything from starters to main courses, breakfast and even snacks. Salmon is a really versatile fish which it is now recommended we should eat three times a week, so this book is the perfect gift for anyone who is looking to give their diet a healthy tweak.  And, for those cooks who claim to have every cook book possible how about the Macsween Haggis Bible, which has been thoughtfully compiled by Jo Macsween, one of the members of the famous Haggis making family. The book includes recipes for those people who want to cook their Haggis a little differently and is presented in a light-hearted manner, making for a truly great read.

Of course, the Scots are also known for their rather unique sense of humour; Scottish Wit – Quips and Quotes is the perfect example of this. It contains a fantastic selection of quotes from well known Scots, celebrated characters such as Billy Connolly, Robert Lewis Stevenson and Chic Murray. This book is guaranteed to give any recipient a real taste of Scottish humour at its best.

The Humble Thistle

Another symbol of Scotland the thistle can be found on many gift items. From simple ornaments to beautiful glassware the Thistle is a beautiful plant that features heavily on many Scottish gifts.

If you prefer not to buy artwork as presents, and unless you know a persons tastes very well then this is probably a wise move, then how about these stunning Scott Inness Thistle Table Mats, they come in a set of 4 and are the perfect way to brighten up any dinner table. Each mat, which depicts a Thistle in a different colourway has a rather Scottish feel to the name; Bramble purple, Raspberry red, Blackberry blue and Gooseberry green. Felt backed with a Melamine surface these mats are not only beautiful to look at but easy to clean and wont damage the surface of your table making them a practical yet pretty present choice.

And whilst we are still on the Thistle theme, how about one of our grooming kits for men, we have many unique fragrances that are a little different to anything you can buy on the high street.

Scottish Animal Gifts

Do you know someone who is crazy about animals? Scottish animals to be precise? Well, here at Who’s it For? We have a huge range of animal gifts that are perfect for your loved ones. For example, the highland cattle are a traditional Scottish cattle breed, with long horns and long wavy coats. If you know someone who would love a traditional heelan coo then you need to check our Dora Designs Angus Doorstop, not only is it cute but useful in a home.

As well as our collection of highland cow gifts we also have a range of stag themed gifts. Do you know someone who is always hunting the house for a bottle opener? Well check out this highland antler bottle opener made with steel coated brass. A must have for any home!

If you would like something a bit more simple yet still traditional for your loved one then our highland swing mug and coaster is probably the best gift you will find!

Looking to Scotland for gift inspiration could be the best decision you make this Christmas, and with these ideas, you know your gift is unlikely to be duplicated by someone else!