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If there’s one person in the world to whom you should be forever thankful, it’s your mother. Without her, you wouldn’t be around to be thankful to anyone – and so it’s only right that you spend a few moments every year letting her know just how appreciative you are.

That’s the purpose of Mother’s Day, which this year falls on Sunday, March 26th. It’s the perfect occasion to treat your Mum to something special. Let’s have a think about how you might mark the occasion.


Taking your Mum out for a lunch break is a great way to give her a taste of the finer things. It needn’t be a big, extravagant gesture, like taking her out to a Michelin-starred evening meal, but it’s likely to be appreciated all the same. Use the opportunity to catch up with her – you might find that you have a great deal to talk about.

Spa treatment

If your Mum spends a lot of her time on her feet, then the idea of sitting down and being pampered might well be a welcome one. A day-long spa break is therefore sure to go down a treat – particularly if you go along with her.

Cinema trip

A trip to the cinema will provide a great way to treat your Mum to some entertainment. You’ll be marginally too early for Scarlett Johansson’s take on anime classic Ghost in the Shell (though only a certain sort of mother will be into that sort of thing). A better bet will probably be Emma Watson’s take on Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. Since you’re there for your Mum’s benefit, it’s probably best to let her choose.


If your Mum likes to laugh, then you might consider taking her to a comedy show. There are hundreds of them occurring every weekend in venues across the country – from tiny little pubs to sprawling arenas. Pick a comedian that she finds amusing. It’s probably not a good occasion to take risks with an untested act, as there might be a significant chance of offence!


A piece of high-quality musical theatre will require a little bit more expenditure, but the experience will probably be worth it. London’s West End is packed with quality shows; but you’ll need to book sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

What about gifts?

In order to really mark the occasion, you might want to present your mother with a gift, and a card to accompany it. For best results, get something that appeals to her tastes, and which is likely to be used again and again. Let’s take a look at some candidates


There’s a reason that mugs are so often presented as gifts. We here in the UK get through enormous amounts of tea and coffee. If your mother fits with this pattern, then a good-looking ceramic drinking vessel might be just what’s required. The main advantage of a gift like this is that it’ll get a great deal of use. Every time your mum drinks from your mug, she’ll be reminded of you and your thoughtfulness!

Choose a mug with a design that reflects her tastes. If she likes cats, for example, then select a mug with cats on it. Conversely, if she prefers dogs, then this Springer Spaniel mug from Leslie Gerry will surely please. On the other hand, if she’s into the sea and all things nautical, then the artwork of John Lowrie Morrison is sure to make a fitting subject.

Mugs aren’t the only pieces of crockery that’ll make a great gift this mother’s day. Our decorated polka dot bowl from Emma Bridgewater provides a great place to store cereal, fruit and even soups – and it’ll look the part while doing so.


For much the same reason, a set of coasters is certain to make a reliable gift. It’ll sit happily on your Mum’s coffee table, providing a ceaseless reminder of how much you think of her. If you notice that your Mum’s existing coasters are looking a little bit worn out, then a new set is sure to provide a welcome gift. Again, select something that’s a good fit for her tastes, and for the rest of her interior. Pay her a visit before the day itself, and be sure to take note of the décor. A bright and cheerful coaster like our purple thistle coaster from Scott Inness is sure to make a good fit for a range of living rooms.

Collectable Bear

A cuddly toy is a classic piece of design that can be found in homes across the country. But not all cuddly toys are created equally. Some are designed to be used for a year or so before being discarded, while others are designed to be cherished for far longer. This teddy bear, from the Charlie Classics range, falls into the latter category. It’ll provide a keepsake of the occasion that’ll be treasured long into the future – provided that your mother has an appreciation for this sort of design.


If you want to give your Mum the opportunity to relax and get rid of all that pent-up stress, then a set of soothing bathroom products will serve handily. There is a range of such products to choose from, with many of them coming bundled in matching gift sets.

Scented candles

If you’re looking for a little more aromatherapy, then a suitable scented candle is sure to provide the right smells to help your Mum unwind. This tinned candle from Happy Jackson strikes a great balance between convenience and aromatics.

Small Tokens

For a gift that’ll provide a near-constant reminder of how much you love your Mum, then you could buy a keyring with a sentiment inscribed in it. Or even our gorgeous floral heart decoration perfect for Mother’s Day. They will provide a reminder of your love every time your Mum sees them!

Mother’s day Cards

Why not make your Mum’s Day extra special by also getting her a Mother’s Day card? This way you can express exactly how you feel about your Mum and how much you appreciate the things she has done for you. We have a selection of different cards for you to choose from, but one of the favourites is our “Wine Together” Mother’s Day card, perfect for the older generation.