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If you have a special man in your life, you might find it hard to figure out what to buy him on a special occasion such as Christmas, his birthday or your anniversary. After all, men can be very hard to buy for! They don’t really have a lot of accessories or knick knacks and they are often practical minded – when they need something they go and buy it for themselves. So if you want to treat a man that you care about, what can you buy him so that he feels special, what exactly are some top gifts for men?

The ideal gift for a man is a perfect blend of practical, masculine and cool. Guys love gadgets of all kinds that perform a unique function or make their lives easier. Also many guys secretly love high quality accessories that they might not think to buy for themselves, it’s a thoughtful treat that shows you care.

If you are looking for inspiration for buying gifts for the man in your life, here are some great ideas:

A Hip Flask

The hip flask is a quintessential piece of Old School Cool and any man will feel classy and hip carrying one around. He can take his favourite whisky or vodka with him on the go – which means that any get together becomes a lot more fun. Hip flasks come in a range of designs and colours, so choose something that suits his personal style.

A Stylish Wallet

Take a look at your man’s wallet; is it looking a little rough around the edges? A lot of guys tend to use things until they fall apart because they can’t be bothered shopping for a new one and have already spent money on it once – the ‘if it still works then don’t fix it’ mentality! This means that many men still have the tatty old wallet they bought when they were a teenager.

A brand new wallet is a great gift for such a guy. Carrying a great looking leather wallet in a stylish subdued colour such as black or brown will make him feel a little bit more sophisticated. The multiple compartments of the wallet will help him to organise his many cards and gift certificates too from his wad of cash and pile of coins.

His Favourite Alcohol

What guy wouldn’t love a gift pack of his favourite type of booze on a special occasion? If he is a beer drinker you could get him a gift set of locally brewed ales from a great local brewery or by checking out a local market for some great foreign beers to try out. Perhaps he would prefer a special edition bottle of Whisky or a truly superb bottle of wine? A gift of alcohol almost always goes down well and he will be able to enjoy the gift while you celebrate.

A Cool Watch

These days a watch might seem a little bit old-fashioned. After all, we can see the time on our mobile phones so why wear a timepiece? But a watch is more than just for telling the time – it is a classic style statement and great accessory that can be very chic and masculine.

Every guy should have a cool and stylish watch, such as this dramatic speedster with black round face and moc croc strap. It is a truly stylish watch that will go with any outfit – making it a great gift for the fashionable man in your life.

Something to Do With His Hobby

The best gift is individual to the recipient, so think about the hobby that your man enjoys and choose something that goes along with it. For example, if he loves to go fishing you could get him a set of new lures or a new fishing rod – or a gift certificate for a weekend away at a nearby fishing lodge. If he enjoys art he would probably love a new sketchbook and a set of great drawing pens, or a canvas and some new paints. If he loves music a great gift would be a great new set of headphones that offer the highest quality sound or if he loves games look into what game would best suit.

In summary think about what he enjoys doing and choose something that will add to his enjoyment of that activity. This will help you think of a custom gift that he will really appreciate!

These are just a few fun ideas to keep in mind when you are choosing the top gifts for the man in your life. Take the time and get him something really meaningful and thoughtful and you will make him feel special.