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With Christmas entering our shopping radar it is time to start thinking about present buying. A debate that rises to the surface is where our allegiance should lie – with online shops or with the local high street. In many ways the decision was made several years ago and a happy balance of online and offline shopping has been struck. Savvy companies have combined an offline and online presence to capitalise from both audiences.

The future is certainly favouring an online experience and here is why:

Reason #1:

With Christmas just around the corner, the streets will be crowded, parking will be hell and the check-out lines endless. Shopping at home lets you shop at your own convenience and pace in CALM. Who’s it for? will even help with the hunt for that elusive perfect present. Use our gift finder app on Facebook to see what we suggest for your loved ones.

Reason #2:

Why give up the thrill and excitement of the crazy world of city shopping? TIME. These days we all have so many pressures on our time why would you add to them. Shop when you have a bit of time to spare, not just when the shops are open.

Reason #3:

It’s so CONVENIENT: shop before you go to bed, shop as soon as you get up, shop in your lunch hour, shop whenever YOU like and wherever you like. Mobile devices have made shopping so easy it’s everywhere every second of the day!

“In the first quarter of 2014, retail revenue generated via a mobile device was up 35 percent over last year’s first quarter, with mobile owning 13.7 percent of total e-commerce orders in Q1 2013 compared to 18.5 percent during Q1 2014 (Source)”

Reason #4:

VARIETY without travelling for miles to find it. A somewhat bias example we know – but an accurate depiction of what you get online – so bear with us! Just at Who’s it for? we have over 5,000 items in store – toys, gifts, greetings cards, books and more! Never mind that you can access stores from all over the country and world!


Discounts are not restricted to High Street shops. In fact most internet shops offer GOOD BARGAINS. At Who’s it for? we usually have something on special offer or a promotion going for our Facebook fans or email list subscribers. We always offer free shipping and the comforting knowledge that all returns are free with no quibbles. Online companies give a lot of value per basket.

Reason #6:

You can be assured of the QUALITY of the stuff you buy online. Online stores do not want to process returns so understand that – since their goods have not been ‘seen’ – they must be of very good quality. And if you are not satisfied you can normally return goods. BUT not all sites offer free returns. At Who’s it for we do – NO QUIBBLES.

Reason #7:

There is no need to be worried about using credit cards for home shopping. Your credit card information is encrypted, and payment screens always secure. At Who’s it for? We use Royal Bank of Scotland WorldPay to process our payments so details are not even entered on our site and your SECURITY is assured!

Reason #8:

There is an app for everything these days. You can shop using your mobile and tablet while you watch the telly. Apparently very few of us actually focus on one thing at a time these days because so many of us are hooked up to the web while we work, relax and well everything!

Reason #9:

The mobility of shopping online is only going to get more and more efficient. The shopping experience is evolving daily.

You can have an email sent two weeks before birthdays to remind you to make a purchase for your best bud. You can pre-order tons of items and create recurring orders for essentials that you cannot live without.

“Overall, satisfaction with online shopping is high, at 83 percent. However, it drops below 50 percent when shoppers are asked about, specifically, flexibility to choose delivery date; ability to choose a specified time of day for delivery of purchase; flexibility to reroute packages; and a green shipping option”(Source)

Reason #10:

It is so much easier to be alerted to discounts and price drops. If you do your shopping physically then you have to walk past the discounted items to know they are in the sale. Online involves no hunting at all because most sites have a big red banner highlighting discounts, clearances, sales and seasonal specials. You can go straight to a page of bargain items without any hassle and you will know instantly if they are in stock or not.

So shopping online is the present and it is even more of the future! As the various quotes from CMO’s Giselle Abramovich show. There are plenty of stories about poor customer service and long queues in shops that detract from the shopping experience.

It is no surprise that the ecommerce solution to those issues is growing in strength. It is a faster, more convenient service that suits an audience that has come to expect everything to be instant. The development of quicker broadband, more flexible delivery options and increasingly user friendly returns policies has given online shopping the top spot.